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business Lines


Business Overview

Our main business is the sales of special Made-in Japan products.
We add value to your business by providing

Excellent products handled by an experienced sales and purchasing team

Wide network of contacts to first class Japanese suppliers

European and Japanese staff to bridge the language and barrier

Standard European trade- & incoterms for your convenient order processing


Our main business is the sales of special Made-in Japan products. Our product range covers a wide area including those products.


Mechanical Field

Rotary Damper (for Soft-Closing Toilet Seat, Piano and other applications), Various Parts for Motors (Permanent Magnet, Shafts, Carbon Brush, and other parts/component), etc.


Optical Field

Optical Elements and Units (Lens (Glass and Plastic), Prism, Polarizer and other parts/components), Image Sensor, Various Testing Devices (for Camera and Glass Material), etc.


Electrical Field

Various Parts/Components/Devices for OA System, Motors, TFT Display, LCD Units, etc.


Procurement Support

Support for various kinds of customized Parts/Components/Devices from Japan, including Technical and Commercial Communication Support.

Procurement Support

Distributing `Made-in-Japan´ products since 1967

we have been working on to bridge the cultural gap and language barrier to create long term reliable business partnerships both in Japan and Europe.

We add value to your business by providing:

  • Supplier search based on your inquiries (specification, quantity, target price, other requirements)
  • Technical support and translations (contextually appropriate, not word by word) during development, prototype & production phase
  • Negotiation for commercial matters (price, payment terms, quality agreements etc.): Correns Europe is your contract partner
  • Forecasting and Order handling, logistics including shipping, export from Japan and import to Europe