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AS-M002 nagomi X

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AIR SUPPORT | high-quality Japanese manufacturer of bedsore (decubitus) prevention air mattresses.

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The nagomi X AS-M002 has been developed for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in those at low to medium risk based on the themes of "stability" and "risk reduction".

Pressure re-distribution

The small air cells of the mattress make it possible to absorb the pressure applied locally and to ideally redistribute it to a large surface to support the body.

Sex: Female Height: 172 cm Weight: 90 kg


Mattresses developed following conventional concepts could offer good pressure redistribution only at the cost of poor support and increased movement difficulty, and alternatively, could provide good stability only by decreasing pressure redistribution.

The special shape of the X cells provides both good pressure redistribution and superior stability.
These cells help in the prevention and treatment of bedsores while facilitating patient movement and increasing their autonomy.

Dedicated heel zone

The inner pressure of the heel zone is lower than in other areas.
This provides added protection to the vulnerable parts of the body.

Other functions

Dedicated cover

- 4 way stretch
- Waterproof
- Fire retardant
- Permeable

Replaceable air cell

The completely independent air cells can be replaced individually.

Light and compact design

The mattress can be folded compactly, which is convenient for storage and carrying.


During an emergency, air is exhausted from the mattress within 10 seconds.


Automatically adjusts the pressure according to body weight

- Easy & simple design to use
- Very quiet
- Notification function

Mode Explanation

Hardness setting
Enables the adjustment of pressure over 3 stages of LOW, MID, and HI to suit sleeping comfort or preference.
Static mode
All air cells are filled with air, and the body is supported by a fixed pressure, even under environments to maintain a postoperative resting state.
Alternating mode
3-system alternation. Undulates with a 150-second cycle.
Rehabilitation mode
Raises the pressure within the mattress to prevent unnecessary sinking and creates an environment that allows movement even when on the mattress.
Head up mode
Hardens portions of the mattress to prevent the body from sliding against the air cells and bottoming out during back-raising.
Ventilation mode
Blows air within the mattress to lower the humidity during use.

Other Functions

Key lock release
If no functions are operated within 1 minute from when the power is switched on, the device goes into key lock mode automatically.
This button releases the key lock and enables button operation.
Alarm stop
This button mutes the warning sound and switches off the warning LED.

Notification Functions

Air-leak detection
In the event that a mattress air-leak is detected, the warning sound and LED indicate an error.
Power-cut countermeasures
The warning sound and LED indicate that the power supply has stopped.
Even if the restoration of power takes some time, air leakage from the air mattress is prevented for 72 hours.
Battery-replacement notification function
When the installed emergency-power battery is near the end of its lifespan, the LED flashes.


Specifications Classification Anti-decubitus ulcer air mattress
Degree of decubitus ulcers GRADE I to III (EPUAP)
Max. weight 200 kg
Min. weight 40 kg
EMC IEC60601-1-2
Mattress Size W900 × L2,000 × H130 (mm)
Material ・Air cells : Polyurethane sheet
・Base sheet : Nylon OX
Weight 6.2 kg
Top cover Material Polyurethane fabric
(waterproof / fire-retardant / moisture-permeable)
Control unit Size W320 × H290 × D140 (mm)
Material ・Case: ABS resin
・Hook: SUS (stainless steel)
Weight 3.6 kg
Power supply Power consumption: AC230 V, 50 Hz, 30 VA
Fuse 5 × 20 mm F 2A
For further information, see the Maintenance Manual
Other Power cord 4 m

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