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powered mattress "LOOPER"

The powered mattress provides you a relaxing time.


The "Looper Move" is a powered mattress which has adjustable back section and leg section. It can be used on the floor like a sofa, or on the bed as a mattress. The back section is adjustable up to 60°and the leg section is adjustable up to 30°in a smooth continuous movement as the user presses the controller. Four different designs of cover: Geo, Ripple, Brown, and Wine are available.


For people who want to have a relaxing time.


  • Edge support helps the user to sit firmly at the bedside
  • Mite-proofing design
  • Antibacterial deodorizing finishing
  • Back section and leg section can be adjusted freely.

Technical specifications

Dimension L195 × W97 × H21 cm
Weight about 31 kg
Surface material double yarn knit
Spring wood spring
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 110W (continuously 2 mins)


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