Aquatizer [QZ-240]


model number Aquatizer QZ-240SG
classification of protection against electric shock Class 1 Type B
main Supply single phase 230VAC 50/60Hz
power input 4,500 VA
intensity massage 6 levels
treatment timer 1 to 99 minutes
preheating temperature setting 25 to 40℃
other function Nozzle switching, automatic height detection,
feet hold, preheating weekly timer,
treatment melody setting, automatic air bleeding,
high temperature operation, and air cooling function.

Installation conditions

floor load not less than 3.5kPa(350kgf/m2

External appearance

dimensions length 2290 × width 820 × height 1075 [mm]
Bed height: 500 [mm]
weight Approx. 230kg (approx. 450 kg at water filled)
water tank capacity Approx. 220L
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